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JPMorgan Chase & Co. Women on the Move

Women’s Leadership Day

A time to power female ambition.

Women on the Move—JPMorgan Chase’s initiative to fuel female ambition and advance financial equality—hosts Women’s Leadership Day each year. Designed to inspire and empower women, it covers topics like career development, financial health and the importance of well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s never been more important to inspire the next generation of female leaders and fight for women’s rights and equality. Watch now as we bring together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, trailblazers and executives from JPMorgan Chase and other leading businesses to explore timely issues like the impact of COVID-19 on women, systemic racism and creating a more inclusive society.

This event will leave you with deeper insights and actionable takeaways.

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Watch. Get Inspired.

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Watch Extended Conversations

Mellody Hobson Video thumbnail

Staying Resilient

Mellody Hobson,
Co-CEO & President of Ariel Investments

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Dr. Laurie Santos Video thumbnail

Start With Your Well-Being

Dr. Laurie Santos,
Professor, Yale University

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Saru Jayaraman Video thumbnail

Tipping the Scale in the Restaurant Industry

Saru Jayaraman,
President of One Fair Wage

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Take a Deeper Dive

To learn more about topics covered on Leadership Day, check out the Women on the Move Podcast, hosted by Sam Saperstein, Head of Women on the Move at JPMorgan Chase.

Women on the Move Podcast featuring Jessica Matthews, Founder & CEO of Uncharted Power

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Women on the Move Podcast featuring Ari Getty & Gigi Gorgeous

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Women on the Move Podcast featuring Pat Russo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Here's How
We're Fueling Female Ambition:

Expanding women-run businesses

Learn more about expanding women-run businesses

Offering a free, on-demand course on cash flow management for small business owners at

Supporting $10 billion, three-year credit commitment to female business owners

Mentoring female founders of high-growth tech companies with The Vinetta Project

Improving women’s financial health

Learn more about improving women's financial health

Helped one million women save more money automatically through the Chase website and mobile app

Provided personal finance content and resources to 250,000 women

Educated 40,000 young women and girls on finance topics like budgeting and saving over the last two years

Empowering women’s career growth

Learn more empowering women’s career growth

Launched the Women on the Move podcast to provide insights from top female leaders and entrepreneurs on career development and business building

Partnering with managers and Human Resources to increase women’s representation across the firm

Supporting female employees by providing training, family-friendly policies and benefits

Learn more about JPMorgan Chase's commitment to fuel female ambition and advance financial equality

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